Harold & MOna Warner

FOUNDER & Senior Pastor

Pastor Harold Warner gave his life to Jesus Christ on November 15th, 1970 in Prescott, Arizona. He had a radical conversion experience, taking him from a young hippie coasting through life to a young man filled with the Holy Spirit. Despite a tragic car accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down, he and his wife Mona responded to God’s call to minister the Gospel in Tucson, Arizona.

The Door Church extends Pastor Warner’s vision to reach the lost with an ongoing church planting ministry that extends across the U.S. and into 42 nations worldwide. Pastor Warner faithfully serves as head pastor to the same congregation that he and Mona started in 1973. His passion is to preach the authentic and anointed Word of God. His greatest joy is seeing precious souls redeemed by Jesus Christ, both in Tucson and around the world.

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Pastor Steve Pinnick was saved in 1980 at the end of The Jesus People movement. Saved out of a lifestyle of drug addiction, he developed a burden for those struggling with these issues. He was involved early on with Prison Ministry and also through the years also with drug treatment centers. He has Pastored in Kansas, Washington State and most recently Northern California. In between Pastoring, he served as an Evangelist for 10 years.

Married to his wife Vanice for 38 years, they have 3 Children who are all married and 6 Grandchildren. His son Wesley is a Pastor in Long Beach, Ca. His daughters Kara and Ashley are involved in ministries in their local churches. He has a deep desire to see people reach wholeness, liberty and healing through a relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church.






Pastor Garett King was born and raised in Tucson. His parents gave their lives to Jesus Christ a few years before he was born, and began attending The Door Church. At the age of fourteen, Garett finally surrendered his life to Christ and began to pursue the will of God. Pastor Garett and his wife Sara were married at the age of eighteen, and after two years on staff in Tucson, they were sent to plant a church in Lakewood, Washington.

In 2001, they became youth pastors at Door Church, and served in that capacity for seven years. Then with their three young boys they went into the French-speaking nation of Gabon, Africa as missionaries, and served there for five and a half years. In 2013 Pastor King left the thriving church in the care of an African pastor and the Kings returned to Tucson to assume the role of Assistant Pastor.



Leonard & CARMEN Gastelum

Spanish Pastor

Leonard Gastelum was born in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico and moved to Tucson in 1969, where he grew up in a traditional Mexican home. He married at the age of 18 in 1977.

After his sister witnessed to him for a few years, he finally gave his life to Christ in 1984 during a presentation of the movie, My Brother’s Keeper. In 1985, he helped to form La Luz del Mundo, a Spanish band which continues to minister to this day.

Leonard served as the pastor of the Spanish Congregation at The Door Church in Tucson beginning in 1992. From 2005 to 2008, he and his wife Carmen pioneered a Spanish church in Atlanta, Georgia, before returning to serve on the Tucson Staff.  In 2014, Leonard once again became the pastor of the Spanish Congregation in Tucson.



Alvin & RENEE Smith

Assistant PASTOr: Director of International Churches

Pastor Smith was stationed at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson from 1980-1986 when he gave his life to Christ. In 1989, he and his wife Renee left Tucson to pioneer a church in Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa, where their two girls were born. Despite the terror of war and frustrations of endemic corruption, he nurtured an evangelistic vision in that nation by preaching the simple Gospel of Jesus Christ, and today more than seventy churches in West Africa continue to carry out that vision in church planting.

Pastor Smith was inspired to begin Into-Africa, a foundation dedicated to increasing the quality of life in poverty-stricken areas by planting churches and introducing schools, medical assistance and clean water. An ever-increasing number of African communities are being touched by this ministry. Pastor Smith continues to lead Into-Africa, and ministers to churches in nations throughout the world as Director of International Churches at The Door Church in Tucson.





John Scheidt was raised as a military dependent moving every few years and left home at the age of 17 to go to school at USC in LA. After school, living the life that was supposed to bring joy and fulfillment turned out to be an empty existence. Raised Catholic, he struggled to be a good person through his own efforts and failed miserably. After hitchhiking to Tucson in 1987, a friend invited him to church and he was confronted with the true gospel. He gave his life to Jesus and began the healing process that God initiates when one believes and applies truth.

John began to get involved in music ministry and has played keyboard in a number of bands as well as serving on the worship team. He married his wife, Vera, in 1991 and together they have 4 daughters who are also involved in various ministries. John served as a small group bible study leader for many years and also teaches an inductive bible study class for men on Saturday mornings.

In June of 2018, John was announced to plant a new church in northwest Tucson and is looking forward to the challenge and opportunity.




Youth Pastor

Although a lifelong church kid, and the son of a pastor, Pastor Gabe became aware of his need for Christ’s forgiveness of sin one Saturday night at a concert in Reid Park.  He was 13 years old when he committed his life to Jesus. Since then he has had a burden for youth and has aided young people as they follow Christ throughout their lives.    

Pastor Rubi led youth ministry in New Mexico and been involved with Enlisted to Endure Youth Bootcamp since its founding in 2006. He also started Churches in Colorado and Kansas, and pastored in Roswell, NM. All while committed to seeing young people reached. 

He now lives in Tucson with his wife Rebekah and three children. His enthusiasm for youth ministry is the same as it was when he was student in Vision Unlimited.