The Magic of CHRIST~mas

This Blog is a guest blog written by: Cheryon Unruh


Much has been written about the so called “magic” of Christmas. Whether religious or secular there is supposed to be a special feeling at this time of year. This fairy tale quality has been woven into every song, movie, commercial and greeting card. So many feel like they missed it. What is this “magical” feeling we search for?

A favorite fairy tale with a magical type quality is Cinderella. This is a story of a person of noble birth who was despised, rejected and treated inhumanely by her own family. She lived in her own house; among her own possessions; but she was forced to stay by the cinders or ashes of the fireplace to pick out leftover lentil beans in order to eat. She had to serve those who had usurped her position. She dressed in rags.

Her circumstances hid her true identity; she was made into a servant, yet served willingly with a cheerful heart, there seemed to be nothing special about her. She felt empty and longed for a different life, but saw no way out. But in this story of intervention her life is turned completely in a different direction beginning with a single night. At the end of the story, Cinderella is revealed for who she really is; and her step family beg of her “please, forgive us.” Her rags are replaced with splendor. She is returned to her rightful place and is also now an heir in the kingdom, by virtue of the princes’ rescue and proposal! Her changed status made it possible for her to live in the kings palace! Her destiny was changed! Insert happy ending.

At Christmas time the longing and ache in our hearts intensifies, but what are we longing for? We long for a happy ending like Cinderella had. We long for justice, reconciliation, a loving family, true love, an answer to emptiness and longing!

Let us look at another part of Christmas, the so called religious side. We see Christmas cards with a baby in a manger surrounded by a loving mother and step father. Big deal, right? Who was this child anyway, did we miss something? In the story of Cinderella she was not seen for who she really was and we too can fail to recognize this baby in the manger for who HE really was and is.

The answer to the emptiness we feel at holidays and other times in our lives, lies in this true story. The SON of GOD came down from Heaven, but was not a prince on horseback; but as a crying baby lying in a feeding trough. He didn’t come as a king, or conquering general and “He had no form or comeliness,” nor did there seem to be anything special about Him. He grew up to be became a humble carpenter. He lived on the earth He created, amongst the people He had given life; and yet He was insulted, arrested, beaten, mocked and executed as a criminal. His glory was hidden until He was shown for who He truly was, at His Resurrection.

In Chapter 2 of the book of Philippians in the Bible; we read; “JESUS” gave up His place in Heaven with GOD and made Himself nothing. He was born like a man and became a servant to others. While He was living as a man, He humbled himself and was fully obedient to GOD, even when that caused His death - death on a cross. Then GOD raised Him to the highest place of honor and made His name greater than every other name; so that everyone in heaven, on the earth, and under the earth will bow their knee and confess that JESUS CHRIST is LORD.

JESUS chose to take all our sin, pain and loneliness upon Himself so that we needn’t be kept out of the Kingdom of Heaven! This CHRIST~mas season you don’t have to say to JESUS, “we didn’t know who you were.” HE is the answer to the ache that is in your heart year round. This season stop and listen with your heart and mind, to the true wonder of CHRIST~mas. Whether you truly do not know JESUS, or if you have usurped His position as LORD in your life, you can ask HIM “Please, forgive me.” Then you too can experience your life being miraculously lifted out of the ashes and you can leave behind the rags of disappointment, addiction, grief, failure, anger, condemnation, self-pity, fear, loneliness and disobedience. Accepting CHRIST as Lord of your life can transform your entire way of thinking and living; and your eternal destination can be miraculously changed in one night………this night ! This is the so called “magic” of CHRIST~mas time!