Come to America!

“separate me Barnabas and Saul (you could put lot of people’s names here!) for the work to which I have called them.”

Our Bible Conferences are exciting times of personal ministry and edification, coupled with a renewed casting of vision.

This year we announced a new overseas church plant into Bamenda, Cameroon with Phillip and Kristin Kuti-George. The other part of this venture is taking over the church in Silver Spring, MD where the Kuti-George’s have labored is Jamile & Yinka Hurst from London, England.  To me, the exciting part is we normally heart about sending workers and missionaries from the U.S. into other places.  In this case, the order is reversed: we’re bringing a couple from London to pastor here in the U.S.!  Especially in one of the most influential metropolitan areas in the country, Washington, D.C. Silver Spring is a suburb, located approximately 8 miles from D.C.  The whole area there is an incredible melting pot of people of various ethnicities and people from many different parts of the world.  Originally, this was one of the incentives for Phillip & Kristin to go there, with its large population of people from Sierra Leone and other West African nations.

Jamile Hurst was saved in November of 1999 in South London, and was originally from the Caribbean country of Antigua.  He has pastored in the U.K. and for the last few years he has evangelized throughout England and other countries.  I am excited because, first, he is a man of God with real vision, and secondly, I think that he will be uniquely positioned to not only relate, but also to transcend many of the barriers between people in that area.  They have just enlarged and remodeled the building in Silver Spring.  The Hurst’s arrived yesterday and the official changeover will take place on 12-11-11. Pray that by God’s grace the church is positioned to move forward and the Word of God can “multiply and prevail!”