Vive La France!

The Tour de France just ended on Sunday, and a new winner was crowned.  While some of the sporting world’s attention was riveted on this grueling and iconic cycling event, that carried 167 cyclists throughout the nation of France, another event was getting ready to begin in the city of Marseilles: revival services with Evangelist Marty Carnegie!  Marty was and still is preaching for Desmond and Matilda Bell our church there, that was pioneered by Charlie and Dawn Forman.  I was excited and anticipating good things going in, but I thought I’d give you brother Marty’s report so far!
“We kicked off revival here in Marseille last night, it was very good.  Desmond said he’s never seen the crowds or the response that God gave us last night.  As the singing began, it was supernatural as we watched people just start flowing in.  It was like a faucet opened in heaven and they came.  The building was so packed, they overflowed to the sidewalk.  I saw folks standing in the back looking for seats.  The altar call reminded me of a crusade in Africa, people getting up and coming to pray. I’m sure I counted between 10-12 who received Jesus.  Many other visitors mentioned coming back tonight with their families.  This is real pastor, this is a move of God.  Charlie Forman must know, God sent him here years ago for this purpose.  Don’t know how we’re going to manage the next few nights with space.  Imagine, this is France.  Maybe this is the backfire I preached about in conference.  The devil tried to sink France in atheism and unbelief, but now it’s backfired and created even more interest in the gospel.  Jesus is drawing them in.  Watching last night’s service, you feel a fire rising that’s going to spread.  The Gospel changes everything.”

Hallelujah!  Pray that the seed of God’s Word takes foot and brings forth fruit abundantly: some thirty, some sixty, some one hundred fold!  What a blessing to see God continue to raise up an evangelistic, disciple-making, church-planting center in this city and nation!