Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Greetings from Taoyuan City, Taiwan! This year our church has taken another step forward as several young people have begun to step into ministry since last year’s conference. 

Alvin Zhang, who was saved in the Footscray church in Australia, came back to Taiwan and began to attend our church. He expressed an interest in learning to play the bass, so I showed him my old one, and three weeks later he was playing in the worship service. The team was rounded out by the addition of a drummer (or should I say cajonist) and Alvin now leads the first full worship band we have had in 7½ years.

Raad has also risen up and to preach at our music/drama scenes. He was a Muslim from Jordan who got saved in revival with Gary Case. He has put together and presented dramas, and led some outreaches. It’s awesome to see these young people rise up and begin to do something for God.

We have had some notable revivals with Pastor Strutz, Craig Maclaughlin, and Charlie Forman. Pastor Strutz encouraged the entire church, bringing great leadership and guidance. Craig Maclaughlin fired up the young people both by his preaching and his obvious enjoyment of them. Charlie Forman brought miracle healing and a demonstration of God’s power as he prayed for the sick. One woman that suffered from polio as a child had her leg grow out a full inch and a half.  

We had an invasion team from Colton and Riverside, California in November that led to fired up people who couldn’t wait to get out on the streets to preach and testify. They even began to outreach on their own. What a gracious and exciting move of God we have had this year!

Thanks to the Colton, Riverside, and Tucson congregations for their prayers and support.

Pastor Chris Banducci