Puyallup, Washington

Greetings from Puyallup Washington! This last year we have seen God do some tremendous things in our city and church. March 15th marked our one-year anniversary. We are amazed at all that has transpired in this last year.

In July we felt led to take our church service out to the local park. We set up chairs and believed that God would move. All the chairs began to fill up, and as we began to worship God, that simple park was filled with the presence of God. The Gospel was preached, and at the altar call, 17 people responded for salvation. After the service, a prayer line formed, and several people receiving healing and deliverance.

In August, we took it back into the same park. As we set the platform God began to move, and there were 22 decisions for Christ. The Holy Spirit has been bringing in key people who are responding to the call of God.

We had some timely revival services with Evangelists Larry Beauregard, Fred Gonzalez Sr., Mike Gomez, and Gabriel Ramirez. All of these were key in establishing souls in the Kingdom.

We are excited about all that God is doing, and anticipating all that He is going to do.

Our mother church in Tucson, Arizona has been a consistent blessing, holding the ropes for us and others as we labor for Christ. We appreciate all your prayers and support.

Pastor Fred Gonzalez, Jr.