Las Vegas, New Mexico

It has been a very cold, dry winter in our city, yet the saints continue to be faithfully involved in our weekly evangelistic efforts. God has opened a door for college bible studies and bi-weekly concerts at New Mexico Highlands University.

We entered our Charlie Brown Christmas float in the annual Christmas parade to advertise our play, A Charlie Brown Christmas. Hundreds of people lined the streets and heard the Gospel through music and face-to-face witnessing, and many visitors attended the play and responded to the message of salvation.

During our New Years fellowship fast we held ’round-the-clock prayer meetings in anticipation of God using us and our fellowship in these prophesied last days, in the year 2018. We broke our fast with traditional New Mexican food and our thematic Las Vegas Got Talent show. Many kids, teens, and adults joined the fun, and visitors joined us as we praised God into the New Year.

In January we had a revival with evangelist Tom Quinlan from Prescott, Arizona. Several visitors gave their lives to Jesus and many were healed from a variety of injuries and sicknesses. Others received spot-on words, confirmed by the testimony of the saints.

In February we held our Valentine’s Marriage Seminar with Pastor John Maiolo and his wife Erin from Santa Fe, New Mexico. He spoke to us about the value of a spouse. Then fathers were challenged to solidify their relationship with their daughters at our annual Father-Daughter Seminar.

We are also sending two teams to help our missionaries in the countries of San Ignacio, Belize and Tokyo, Japan.

We will send an updated report in the fall.

Pastor Ray Rubi

Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Greetings from Taoyuan City, Taiwan! This year our church has taken another step forward as several young people have begun to step into ministry since last year’s conference. 

Alvin Zhang, who was saved in the Footscray church in Australia, came back to Taiwan and began to attend our church. He expressed an interest in learning to play the bass, so I showed him my old one, and three weeks later he was playing in the worship service. The team was rounded out by the addition of a drummer (or should I say cajonist) and Alvin now leads the first full worship band we have had in 7½ years.

Raad has also risen up and to preach at our music/drama scenes. He was a Muslim from Jordan who got saved in revival with Gary Case. He has put together and presented dramas, and led some outreaches. It’s awesome to see these young people rise up and begin to do something for God.

We have had some notable revivals with Pastor Strutz, Craig Maclaughlin, and Charlie Forman. Pastor Strutz encouraged the entire church, bringing great leadership and guidance. Craig Maclaughlin fired up the young people both by his preaching and his obvious enjoyment of them. Charlie Forman brought miracle healing and a demonstration of God’s power as he prayed for the sick. One woman that suffered from polio as a child had her leg grow out a full inch and a half.  

We had an invasion team from Colton and Riverside, California in November that led to fired up people who couldn’t wait to get out on the streets to preach and testify. They even began to outreach on their own. What a gracious and exciting move of God we have had this year!

Thanks to the Colton, Riverside, and Tucson congregations for their prayers and support.

Pastor Chris Banducci

Cameroon, West Africa

Greetings from the Calvary coming from Cameroon!

We still thank the Lord for all He does in Cameroon. In general, our churches are going well; only for the Church of Edea we pray to the Lord for a total restoration. Yaounde is fine and Pastor Martin is fully awakening hearts in this city, where we continue to pray to God for a house of worship.

One sister received deliverance from the Lord after more than two hours of prayer, praise God. Our young people just returned from a big youth program at the Bamenda church, bless the Lord.

We are preparing already for our Havesters Homecoming with Pastor Alvin Smith. It will begin on the 30th of July and continue to 02 August 2017 with the theme: Cameroon, Get Up! Your Light Has Come! We say thank you for your encouragement, support, patience, and perseverance for our country. This country asks a lot, but it is a country with a future, and we will overcome.

May God bless you abundantly!

Pastor Francois Mangelle

Lanús, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mi nombre es Cesar González y junto a mi esposa Vanina e hijos Inés y Thomas, estoy pastoreando la Iglesia “Casa del Alfarero” Lanús en Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Hace tres años que estamos sirviendo con sumo gozo en la obra a la cual Dios nos llamó, y seguimos viendo el favor de Dios en Su iglesia.

En este último año trabajamos en afianzar los nuevos conversos, en evangelismos callejeros, y en hospitales cercanos, donde Dios nos ayudó con muchos salvos y milagros; también tuvimos la visita de mi Pastor Juan Pablo Cardo y Pastor Sebastián González de Buenos Aires, y tambien los Pastores Joaquín Orozco (Brasil), Less Theiss (Canadá), y Gustavo Galván (Mexico), quienes trajeron un renuevo y avivamiento al pueblo de Dios. En cada instancia, nuevas almas aceptaron a Cristo como su Salvador; hubo milagros de sanidad, y muchos fueron llenos del Espíritu Santo.

Nos visitó el grupo de música “Vivo Estás” de nuestra iglesia madre en Devoto. Al escuchar testimonios en el concierto, jóvenes nuevos quedaron impactados y conmovidos por la música y por ver lo que Dios hace en las vidas.

Una vez al mes tenemos un ciclo de película evangelística un viernes por la noche, donde familiares inconversos y amigos se acercan, y Dios toca sus corazones.

Por otro lado, parejas se están levantando a servir a Dios, tomando decisiones de fé siendo columnas en la iglesia, entrando en discipulado, y levantándose a ser nuevos obreros sirviendo en la obra de Dios.

Queremos agradecer a nuestro pastor Juan Pablo Cardo y Silvina por su apoyo incondicional, a Pastor John Maiolo y Erin, a Pastor Mitchell y a Pastor Harold Warner; a la iglesia de Prescott y la iglesia de Tucson por su amor e inversión en nuestra nacion, Argentina.

¡Dios los bendiga!

Pastor Cesar González

Lanús, Buenos Aires, Argentina



My name is Cesar González and together with my wife Vanina and my children Inés and Thomas, I am pastoring the Potter’s House Church in Lanús, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

It has been three years now that we have been serving the Lord with utmost joy in the work to which He has called us, and we continue to see His favor upon His church.

This last year we worked to establish new converts and worked in street evangelism as well as in nearby hospitals, where God has given us many miracles and we have seen many people saved.

We have also had visits from my Pastor Juan Pablo Cardo and from Pastor Sebastián González from Buenos Aires, and also from Pastors Joaquín Orozco (Brazil), Less Theiss (Canada), and Gustavo Galván (Mexico), who brought refreshing and revival to God’s people. Each time new souls accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, there were miracles of healing, and many were filled with the Holy Ghost.

The music group “Vivo Estás” visited from our mother church in Devoto. As young people heard the testimonies during the concert, many of them were touched and impacted by the music and by seeing what God can do in a young person’s life. 

Once a month on a Friday night, we show an evangelistic film and we see hearts touched as unsaved friends and relatives come out.

In other areas, couples are rising up to serve God, making decisions of faith to be pillars in the church, entering into discipleship, and rising up to serve as workers in God’s harvest.

We thank our pastor Juan Pablo Cardo and Silvina for their unconditional support; also Pastor Joh Maiolo and Erin, Pastor Mitchell, and Pastor Harold Warner; and the churches in Prescott and Tuson for their love and investment in our nation of Argentina.

May God bless you!

Pastor Cesar González

Las Vegas, New Mexico

Greetings! God has been faithful to draw the unsaved to Himself. 

We have seen a steady flow of visitors in our services, and several have prayed for salvation. We are following up and praying that God will lock them in. Several have been baptized in water and baptized with the Holy Spirit. One young man got so filled with the Holy Ghost that he continued to speak in tongues for quite a while. When he finished, his whole countenance had changed. Glory to God!

God has opened an off-site venue for our biweekly concerts at the New Mexico Highlands University. God is using the concert ministry to reach the unsaved, and we have seen several visitors attend from the campus and the city.

We had a timely Holy Ghost revival in January with Evangelist Mark Benavidez. God used him bring messages that refreshed God’s people, and to speak specific words into the congregation as a whole, and into the lives of visitors and individuals. Several were saved, healed, and filled with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. 

February brought two key annual events, the first of which was our Valentines marriage seminar with Evangelist Fred Gonzales, Sr. and his wife, Mary Lou. He challenged us to let God renew and refresh our marriages and our commitments to each other. At our father-daughter seminar, Pastor Rubi challenged fathers to be their daughters’ protectors and their holy covering. He also challenged the daughters to be willing to respond to their fathers’ love and care for them. 

In March we had an outreach to one of our care groups that is located in the small village of Villanueva. As one of our Spanish bands, “Los Testamentos,” performed, skits were presented, and food was served, eight precious souls responded to the message of salvation. Praise God!

Till next time…

Pastor Ray Rubi

Mwanza, Tanzania, East Africa

Habari, Kanisa! (Hello, Church!)

My name is Pastor Desi Wheeler, and my wife, Ranee, and I greet you in the name of The Most High.

We labor in the beautiful city of Mwanza, Tanzania, East Africa. We have been open just over three and a half years, and it has been a wonderful time of service to God.

We started our church on one of the many hills that makes up our city, but I recently began a diligent search for a new location. In February 2017 God opened the door for a beautiful and highly visible location. It is a 2-story, 4600 sq.ft. building, complete with walled-in compound, a huge parking lot, 2 bathrooms and plenty of room for children’s church/nursery. I challenged our church to pay for our building and as they responded generously, we had enough money to pay for the entire year, paint the church and build a 20-ft. stage. But this is just the beginning of God’s grace.

Evangelist Frank Escobar did our first revival in March, kicking things off with a two-night Healing Crusade and ending with a men’s discipleship at my home. Many visitors came out and many decisions were made for Jesus. It was great week of ministry.

April saw us again reaching out to the community as our drama team took Jesus through the streets – mocked Him – whipped Him, and told bystanders to come along – they were going to crucify this Jesus. The crowd followed Jesus into the church and there He was beaten again, nailed to the cross, and resurrected on the 3rd day. Many responded to the gospel that day.

God has been bringing in families from Uganda and Zimbabwe, and from many tribes in Tanzania. One great blessing to me as a pastor is to see the disciples now conducting the service, taking the offerings, and leading outreaches. Our Monday night men’s discipleship classes have challenged the men in many areas of their life. Here’s a quick snapshot of one disciple’s recent decision:

A 20-year-old disciple named Daniel feels the call of God to pastor someday. He was struggling over whether he wanted to go to a University or stay and go to a local college. The Government has offered to pay for his schooling to a top-notch school, but the catch to accepting that offer is that they own you and can send you wherever they please until your school fees are paid off. Daniel decided to stay in Mwanza and pursue the call of God. He is going to find a job, pay for his own schooling, and someday be sent out to pastor.

These kinds of decisions are not easily made here where the per capita earnings are $60/month USD. But these are the kinds of decisions being made by the church folks here in Mwanza. 

We have great vision for this city and for this church, and should Jesus tarry, we shall plant workers. Thank you, Pastor Harold and Sister Mona, for your years of service. Thank you, Tucson congregation, for your love and faithfulprayers, and for your years of giving.

I also want to thank my wife, Ranee, for 31 years of marriage, and for giving herself to the call of God as well. Blessings to all!

Kingsville, Texas

Greetings from Kingsville, Texas. We are blessed with all that the Lord has done, and remain steadfast in in our faith to see what He will continue to do in our midst.

Last year and this year we have had great revivals with Evangelist Richard Valerio, Pastor Willis Gordon, Evangelist Ray Felan, Pastor Jerry Martinez, and Pastor Roland Perez.

We just finished a revival with Evangelist Orlando Salinas from McAllen, during which God delivered powerful messages and timely words to solidify His church. This last revival was our most fruitful to date, as we had frequent visitors and people locked into the church.

We are grateful to the numerous outreach teams that came in to labor with us before each of these revivals, and to the church in Austin that blessed us with an outdoor concert across from Texas A&M University.

On Halloween we showed the film M10:28 in our parking lot and served food and drinks to visitors.

This year the church sent the Peñas to Cancún, Mexico to preach a revival and encourage the people of God there. We are challenging the church to revive the vision for the harvest and for church planting. Please continue to pray for us as we pray for you.

Pastor Jim Peña

Chula Vista, California

Greetings from Chula Vista, California! After our conference of 2015, the church quickly raised enough money to send me on a mission trip in August. I had the privilege of ministering in both Belo Horizonte, Brazil and Buenos Aires, Argentina. God poured out His Spirit in both places with salvations, healings, and Holy Spirit baptisms with the evidence of speaking in tongues.  It was a wonderful opportunity for our church to make an investment in overseas ministries. 

This year we had revival services with evangelists Jerry Fussell, Julio Blanco, and James Wilkins, all of whom gave words of timely encouragement. Our revival with Julio Blanco was memorable in that one of our faithful disciples who had been seeking to be baptized in the Holy Spirit for several years was filled at last. It was definitely a time of breakthrough and rejoicing.

This year I turned the reins of the bible studies for adults and youth over to two faithful disciples. It so good to see these men rise up and take responsibility for ministry, and they are both doing a good job.

For the first time in the history of our church, we participated in a winter parade. We put together a nativity scene, and our young people passed out church flyers as we paraded down the street. Thousands were in attendance, and we definitely got our name out there. The church has a bright future with church kids coming of age and disciples rising up.

Thank you for all of your support, Tucson!

Pastor Joaquin Orosco

Las Vegas, New Mexico

God has been doing amazing things in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Out of our last conference we sent Jaime and Georgia Cruz to pioneer our first missionary church in Colón, Panamá, supported solely by the Las Vegas church and her outreach churches.

In February 2016 we sent an outreach team to Panama for a healing crusade with Evangelist George Cruz in the new church and also in our other church in Panama City. Many were saved, healed, and filled with the Holy Ghost. God has been moving since, and many more have accepted Christ during outreaches.

We are excited to see the some of our pioneer churches now planting new churches.

In 2015 we had some amazing preaching from Joe Campbell, Chuck Benson, Lee Wilson, Jimmy Peña, Herb Rubi, Richard Rubi, Ovidiu Rusu from Romania, and Juan Pablo Cardo from Argentina. We also had tremendous revivals with Mark Benavidez and Frank Escobar, and with our own evangelists, Jerry Martinez, George Cruz, and Mario Sanchez.

We have been sending outreach teams to our new churches and God is opening many doors.

During the Christmas holiday the children performed a play called How the Grinch Found Jesus. Thirteen people accepted Jesus that night.

This year we started something new. We had a Father-Daughter Dinner, with a wonderful message by Pastor Ray Rubi. Many dads and daughters were touched, and God moved and healed broken lives.

The Japan Potter’s House had a healing crusade with Ray Rubi in February, and Jesus is healing and saving people in Japan!

Please continue to pray for Las Vegas Christian Center, where Jesus is still changing lives!

Pastor Ray Rubi


Silver City, New Mexico

What God is doing in the Silver City church is nothing short of amazing! He is bringing soul after soul into the church. New converts are bringing friends and family to church, and we are just standing back and watching God do what only He can do.

We continue faithfully to evangelize our city in every way possible. In October we did our annual haunted house. “Horror of Horrors” was based on the crucifixion of Christ and His power to bring salvation and deliverance. Over the course of three nights, 533 people went through! What’s even better, 358 made decisions for Jesus. We have never had many people come to church from the haunted house experience, but it is still the best outreach of the whole year. There is no other event to which hundreds of people turn out, knowing they will hear a Gospel message, yet willing to pay the price of admission. People in town still talk about the haunted house experience.

The Main Street Project banned us from the Lighted Christmas Parade in 2015 because we went beyond playing Christmas music. We had the audacity to quote Scripture and play recorded commentary, prompting some unnamed person or persons to complain that they were disappointed with our presentation. It made a big stink in the city: letters to the editor were published, and Silver City citizens voiced their concern over the fact that a church could be banned from a Christmas parade for talking about Jesus. We placed a cartoon in the local paper protesting the decision. Pastor Zamora met with the officers of the Main Street Project and the decision was made to allow the church to enter the parade this year.

After our October haunted house we had back-to-back revivals in November, December, January and February with evangelists Del Franklin, Mark Benavidez, David Solano and Alfredo Barron. Every one of them was an outstanding time that really helped and encouraged the congregation. In April we held our annual Harvester’s Homecoming Rally and had the Grand Opening in our new building with Pastor Ray Rubi, followed by revival with Evangelist Frank Escobar.

Memorial Day weekend we held our first church picnic/baptism at which nine converts were baptized. Another picnic/baptism is planned in mid-summer. God is really helping us in Silver City, New Mexico!

Pastor Andrew Zamora

Puyallup, Washington

Greetings from Puyallup Washington! This last year we have seen God do some tremendous things in our city and church. March 15th marked our one-year anniversary. We are amazed at all that has transpired in this last year.

In July we felt led to take our church service out to the local park. We set up chairs and believed that God would move. All the chairs began to fill up, and as we began to worship God, that simple park was filled with the presence of God. The Gospel was preached, and at the altar call, 17 people responded for salvation. After the service, a prayer line formed, and several people receiving healing and deliverance.

In August, we took it back into the same park. As we set the platform God began to move, and there were 22 decisions for Christ. The Holy Spirit has been bringing in key people who are responding to the call of God.

We had some timely revival services with Evangelists Larry Beauregard, Fred Gonzalez Sr., Mike Gomez, and Gabriel Ramirez. All of these were key in establishing souls in the Kingdom.

We are excited about all that God is doing, and anticipating all that He is going to do.

Our mother church in Tucson, Arizona has been a consistent blessing, holding the ropes for us and others as we labor for Christ. We appreciate all your prayers and support.

Pastor Fred Gonzalez, Jr.

Colton, California

Greetings from Southern California! We have experienced a year of favor and fruitfulness in the Inland Empire. 

Following the 2015 Bible Conference we took our play The Zombie Apocalypse on the road, and what an adventure that was! The story portrays the apocalyptic end of the world caused by the Lazarus Virus that turns affected humans into the living dead. Faced with overwhelming obstacles, a small group of survivors search for the cure that was created using the blood of a scientist’s only son. People in our congregation who had never acted before rose up to make the play a success and a blessing to the various churches we visited.

The fall also provides one of our biggest outreaches of the year at Halloween. Evangelist Mike Gomez has opened his home for the past four years because his neighborhood attracts hundreds of trick-or-treaters and families. We put up our biggest edition haunted house yet, and the turnout was incredible. At least 500 people were confronted with the Gospel at the end of their tour and given the opportunity to respond. This year we saw almost 100 decisions for Christ in one night. Praise God!
Tragedy struck in December as our neighbor city, San Bernardino, was shocked by a terrorist attack that caused the deaths of 14 innocent people. The city participated in a vigil commemorating the lives of those who were lost, and people lived in fear. But God still moved as people turned to prayer in order to gain some understanding.

Our city hosted its annual Christmas parade the weekend after the attack, and this provided us an opportunity to proclaim that Jesus is Lord and that He is in control of all things. We won first place.
The congregation was blessed with revivals with Kris Hart, Ralph Blanco, and Alfredo Barron. In these weeks of ministry, people received specific words challenging them to do God’s will for their lives. We are excited to see all that will come to pass from these meetings.
Recently, the local schools have turned to churches to help them minister to young people. This is a door that has always been shut, but God has opened it, and now our pastor is collaborating with school officials and speaking to students. We are very excited for these opportunities. Please help us pray that God will speak to our young generation.
One of the highlights of the year was celebrating the thirtieth year that Pastor Eric Strutz and his wife Brenda have pastored in Colton. The congregation organized a fellowship in their honor and many people testified of the impact that their ministry has had on their lives. It was a blessing to look back on pictures and videos of various events and outreaches. It was a truly emotional event and we are so thankful for the privilege of having them as our pastors.
It is amazing to look back on the year and see how God moves even when we don’t realize it. We are excited and hopeful for what this next year holds. Please pray for us as we pray for you. God bless you!

Pastor Eric Strutz