Ol' Twisted Arm

By Bill Valine

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are
your ways My ways,” says the Lord. – Isaiah 55:8

I would rather call my God Ol’ Twisted Arm
than what I really ought,

’Cause I would twist that great big arm
and tie it in a knot.

And when He shouted and when He screamed
for me to let Him go,

I would say Let what I dreamed
be now and ever so.

I would like to call my God Ol’ Twisted Arm,
and have now all I sought.

It would be such fun and there would be no harm
and I would be so hap - You would not.

You know quite well I love you,
and what I do is for your good.

So stop your twisting (It will never work)
and trust Me as you should.