My Marathon


By Sharon Byrd

Let us run the race, we heard from Paul, to win – but more: to finish.
Let us train our bodies as athletes train, to withstand the enemy in this.
Let us walk with Jesus to refresh us in each and every place,
The Author and the Finisher of this amazing race.
Let us run our race with endurance, knowing each and every step
Is bringing us closer than when we first believed and we are not finished yet.

Confidence will carry your walk, but only part of the way.
Steadfast, immovable, unshakable, that will make you stay.
And in this great big marathon, you will seek and find
Faith to be your shield, Paul says, to block the enemies of your mind.

We are not of those who shrink back, fizzle out in flames and done,
Who quit before the race is through and end their battle run;
We are those who courage drives.

Who sees the end, in constant strives,
Every pace and every phase:
Lonely, happy, and fearful days,
No matter what our lives may bring,
We see our God in everything.
We are of those who belong to Christ,
Our courage comes from sacrifice:
Not just of ours, but because of His,
The race, our faith, comes down to this:

My marathon is nothing like yours.
I have different windows and different doors.
But the same great God who started me,
The same great God who set me free,
Will see to it I win my race.
My marathon ends when I see His face!

This great promise, be sure of this,
Is as much to be yours as mine;
A guarantee of our simple faith
Will bring us to the finish line.

So let us run with endurance and let us run with zeal,
Constant in every valley, steadfast through every field.
Training in the Word of God, we keep on marching on.
Let us run the race; let us finish strong
Our lifelong marathon.