The Story of the Prodigal Son

Jesus told this story of a man with two sons.

The younger told his Father, in front of everyone,

“Give me my portion that is mine, so I can leave.”

So the father divided to him his property.


Shortly after the young son left, he began reckless living,

And he spent every penny his father had given him.

After he was broke, a severe famine began,

He soon found a job from a citizen of the land.


He was hired to feed pigs and he longed for the slop,

But no one gave anything; he was always in want.

One day he came to himself and said to him, “Self,”

“How many of father’s servants have food on their shelf?


“I will arise and say, ‘Father, I know I have not earned it,

“I am not worthy to be son, nor am I worthy to be servant.

“I have sinned against heaven, and 

“Father, I have sinned against you.

“I am perishing here with hunger, so what else can I do?’”


And he arose and came to his father…


But while he was still a way off, the Father ran out to meet him,

The father’s compassion was the first thing to greet him.

There was much happy emotion, the father truly missed him,

You could tell by the embrace and the way the father kissed him.


“Father,” the son said sadly, “I know I do not deserve it,

“I am no longer worthy, so, Father, make me your servant.”

The father said to his servant, as he kissed his son in earnest,

“Bring quickly the best robe, and I mean quickly, the best!”


Sharon - Prodigal.jpg

“Put shoes on his feet and a ring on his hand,

“My son was once dead, but today my son stands!

“Bring a fattened calf!” the father continued with joy,

“Let us eat and celebrate the return of my boy!”

The story Jesus told is of His Father’s elation.

When one sinner returns, oh my, the celebration!