The Same God is Waiting for You

The Same God is Waiting for You

By: Sharon


The Father of the prodigal who is ready to pray,

To the same God yesterday, forever, and today:

“Lord, I sinned against you. Make me your hired hand.”

The same God of all creation will make that man stand.

I watched a woman cry heavily because she left the Lord.

She saw her own sin and knew she couldn’t afford

The price it would cost her, the wages of death.

And nothing to do now but kneel and confess.

So she came to the altar at the end of a service,

She stood there alone, ashamed, and nervous.

I tried to reach out, put my hand on her shoulder.

She pulled back, but for a second I saw her get bolder.

We got down on our knees and I asked her to pray.

She said, “I’m not ready. No, not this day.”

She said, “I am a believer, I once knew of Jesus.

“But I went after the world; now I can’t believe this.”

I said, “Can I pray for you? Then you can pray, too.”

This woman was broken. I knew I wouldn’t get through.

I prayed the Lord Jesus to come touch her heart.

Give her new life, new hope, and a new start. 

I stopped for a moment to allow her to be heard,

And in front of my eyes, I heard the most beautiful words:

“I left you Lord, because I walked away. 

“I said I would love you, I said I would always stay.

“My heart is so broken, and Lord, now I know, 

“Lord, I have nothing, and nowhere to go.”

This girl knew He heard her, because her countenance changed,

She got her forgiveness and lost all of her shame.

In my mind Heaven rejoiced, though I did not hear a sound.

Another prodigal comes home, another child is found.

The same God yesterday, forever, and today, 

Is married to the backslider who is waiting to say,

“Lord, I sinned against you. Make me your hired hand.”

I saw the very same God make that woman stand.